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Why can’t I see my NFTs in my account?

By August 17, 2021No Comments

Your OpenSea account is only a window into your crypto wallet, showing all the fun NFTs inside. OpenSea does not store your items, your account is just providing access to view the transactions in your wallet.

Now let’s look at two common reasons NFTs are not visible on your OpenSea profile.


1. Your crypto wallet (MetaMask) is not connected correctly.

  • Close out your browser, clear your cache, and try reconnecting.
  • Do you have more than one crypto wallet?
  • If so, make sure you are connecting to the correct wallet.

2. You just completed a transaction and you don’t see the NFT you just purchased.

If there is high demand on the Ethereum blockchain, it could take more time to complete the transaction than anticipated. To double check, try looking up your transaction onĀ Etherscan.