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What is Freezing Metadata?

By August 17, 2021No Comments

Freezing your metadata will permanently lock and store it on decentralized file storage, which allows your data to be accessible for other clients to view and use. This means, your item will forever be safely stored and will never be lost or missing.

This guide will walk you through the metadata freezing workflow, located in our collection editor.


What metadata does this include?

When you freeze your metadata, the following information will be locked:

  • item name
  • media (JPG, PNG, GIF, SVG, MP4, WEBM, MP3, WAV, OGG, GLB, GLTF)
  • description
  • properties, levels, and stats

Everything will be frozen except for your added unlockable content, which are content that can only be revealed by the owner of the item.


How much does it cost to freeze my metadata?

OpenSea does not charge to freeze your metadata, however you will have to pay for gas to process this action.


How do I freeze my metadata?

To freeze your metadata, go into My Collections to access an item that you want to freeze. If you haven’t created the item already, go ahead and create it. Note: You won’t be able to access this feature until you have created the item already.




Once created:

  • Go back to edit your item and locate the “Freeze Metadata” section.
  • Enable the feature by clicking on the toggle
  • Once the toggle is on, click to “Freeze”



A modal will prompt to begin the process, which can take a few minutes. Once processed, click to confirm that all of your content is exactly how it is intended to be, because once frozen, your content cannot be edited nor removed as it is permanently stored on a decentralized file storage. Next, click to “Submit transaction”




Complete the freezing process by signing your wallet and confirming the gas fee.

Once processed, your data is frozen.


How do I confirm that my metadata is frozen?

Once your data is frozen, you can confirm this in two places.

The first place is when you edit your item. You can see the confirmation under the “Freeze Metadata” section:




The other place you can confirm that your metadata is frozen is on the public asset page. In the “Details” section, you can view the status of your metadata.


In both places, you will be able to view the metadata, by clicking on the link and an IPFS tab will prompt in your browser to show you your metadata. It would look something like this:




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