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What is collection safelisting?

By August 17, 2021No Comments

OpenSea is primarily a self-serve, peer-to-peer marketplace. That means anyone can create and sell an NFT on OpenSea!

Our user safety team actively monitors the platform, approves collections and removes malicious content as soon it’s discovered, or reported by users. This ensures OpenSea’s community remains vibrant while upholding our Terms of Service.

This guide explains what “collection safelisting” is, and how users can use it to evaluate NFTs before purchasing on OpenSea.


What is collection safelisting?

All collections on OpenSea are discoverable by default, but collections that have been “safelisted” have been approved by our user safety team.

If a collection has not been safelisted by our user safety team, potential buyers will be asked to review important collection details and agree to OpenSea’s Terms of Service.

Unsafelisted NFTs

An unsafelisted NFT (one that hasn’t been reviewed by our user safety team yet) will prompt users to review collection details prior to purchasing.

This includes displaying important metrics for users to consider before they make a purchase:

  • An OpenSea Confidence Score
  • When the collection was created
  • The number of collection sales
  • The creator of the collection, including when they joined OpenSea
  • Whether the collection name includes any special characters or irregular spacing




Safelisting is separate from blue checkmark verification. Collections become eligible for safelisting after making their first sale.

We suggest collection owners are fill out all social links and relevant logos are added to speed up the safelisting process.