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What crypto wallets can I use with Vaullt?

By August 17, 2021No Comments

Just as there are many banks and credit cards, there are many different crypto wallet providers to choose from. They all serve the same purpose, but each one takes a different approach and makes different tradeoffs.

This guide introduces many of the crypto wallets that are supported on OpenSea.


Watch our tutorial to learn how to install a crypto wallet to connect with OpenSea. 


What crypto wallets can I use with OpenSea?

If you’re wondering which crypto wallet to use – the best way is to try out one of the many options available! They all have different features, but many users choose MetaMask for desktop use, and Coinbase Wallet for mobile use.

Check out this MetaMask Introduction Video to get a sense of the installation process.  It only takes a few minutes to install.




You can find the full list of wallets supported by OpenSea below.


MetaMask – A browser extension with peerless power and flexibility. MetaMask is web 3’s most popular wallet and one of the oldest players in the industry.

Coinbase Wallet – The Coinbase Wallet app allows users to explore the decentralized web with a dapp browser. You do not need a Coinbase account to use the Coinbase Wallet app.

TrustWallet – A non-custodial mobile wallet that stores your private key locally with an additional layer of security.

Portis – Connect to dApps with an email address and password, from almost any web browser, on any device – including mobile phones.

Fortmatic / Magic – A user-friendly wallet from an innovative team that allows you to sign up with your phone number from any device.

Arkane – All a user needs is a PC and web browser to take advantage of the Arkane Network wallet.

Authereum– A usability-focused wallet with no transaction fees and a fiat on-ramp.

Bitski – A simple-to-use wallet allowing users to sign up with an email and password.

Dapper – A browser extension that pays gas fees for you.

Kaikas – A browser extension that interacts with Klaytn network from websites. You can download Kaikas for Chrome here.

OperaTouch – Opera Crypto Wallet works with both your Opera computer browser and your Opera Touch for iOS browser (or Opera for Android) on your mobile device.

Torus – A low friction wallet that allows you to login with Facebook, Google, and other OAuth providers.

WalletConnect – WalletConnect is a protocol supported by many different Dapps and wallets. Install any mobile wallets supporting WalletConnect protocol.

WalletLink – WalletLink is an open protocol that lets you connect your mobile wallet to DApps running on any browser like Coinbase Wallet.