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Is explicit and sensitive content allowed on Vaullt?

By August 17, 2021No Comments

Explicit and sensitive content, like adult-themed and not safe for work (NSFW) content, is allowed on OpenSea, but is meant for users aged 18 years and older.

OpenSea allows the creation and sale of this content but reserves the right to label it as explicit and sensitive content. This content will be handled differently than other content in search results to protect users with safe search while browsing OpenSea.

How can I mark my collection and item as explicit and sensitive content?

While our platform tries to detect these explicit and sensitive content, specifically nudity and pornography, it is mandatory as a creator to mark your collection and items as explicit and sensitive. For more information, please visit our Terms of Service.


To mark it as explicit and sensitive content, turn on the toggle when you create or edit your collection and/or items under the section called “Explicit & sensitive content”.

Once toggled, click on “Submit changes” and your content will be successful marked as a “explicit & sensitive content”.