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How do I withdraw my funds from Vaullt?

By August 17, 2021No Comments


For your first cryptocurrency withdrawal, we strongly suggest withdrawing a small amount first in order to familiarize yourself with sending cryptocurrency between two wallets and to avoid sending your funds to an unknown/non-existing wallet.

Please note that since transactions on the blockchain are irreversible, missent funds will likely be permanently lost.


Withdrawing ETH from OpenSea

If you don’t have one already, you will need to open an account on an exchange like Coinbase and follow the necessary steps for connecting a payment method (e.g. bank account, credit card, PayPal account, etc).

Once you’ve created your account, the exchange will provide you with an ETH address. This ETH address is tied to your Coinbase account and should only be used for Ethereum. DO NOT send NFTs to this address!

You can view the address by clicking on Send/Receive at the top right and selecting the Ethereum asset:



Once you’ve copied your ETH address from your Coinbase account, you can send your ETH to your Coinbase address by clicking the Send button on your crypto wallet (such as MetaMask).

Paste your Coinbase ETH address in the Recipient field, then enter the amount you want to withdraw:




Once your ETH has been sent and the transaction has been confirmed on the blockchain, you should see the funds in your Coinbase account where you can trade your ETH for other currencies.


Next, you will be presented with the option to withdraw your funds:



After clicking on Withdraw Fund, you will be sent to your currency wallet where you can enter the amount you want to withdraw.

A popup will appear to allow you to select the withdrawal destination for your funds, including any fees that may be applied to this transaction :




Congrats! You have now withdrawn your funds successfully.