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How do I get a blue checkmark?

By August 17, 2021No Comments

A blue checkmark on an account or collection means that it has been verified by OpenSea.

Verification cannot be requested at this time, but our team regularly checks for accounts and collections to verify to keep our users safe. This guide explains the criteria OpenSea uses when considering blue checkmark verification on accounts and collections.

Account Verification

Blue checkmarks are added to account pages if the public figure or company controlling the wallet is at risk of impersonation.

To qualify for account verification review, you must have at least 10,000 followers on Twitter or Instagram for our team to review.


Collection Verification

Blue checkmarks are reserved for collections created by high-profile public figures or organizations.

If you are not a high-profile public figure or organization, your collection must first reach a trading volume of 100 ETH or more on OpenSea, and have all assets revealed to qualify for collection verification review. That said, reaching this trading threshold alone does not ensure a collection will be automatically verified.

After reaching this threshold, OpenSea will contact the project team requesting additional information to confirm the authenticity of collection and individuals involved.

Examples may include:

  • Draft files of the collection/NFT assets.
  • Contact information.

Even if a project meets the threshold, OpenSea reserves the right to decline verification as well as remove verification if the collection is not in line with our community guidelines.

Furthermore, OpenSea does not verify spin-off, homage, or derivative collections at this time. This is done to protect users from misinterpreting such collections as having an official relationship with the original collection.

If your collection meets the criteria for verification listed above, please apply here.




⚠️ Please double check when you see a blue checkmark before purchasing an NFT. A legitimate blue checkmark collection will display “Verified Collection” when you hover the mouse over the checkmark. A verified collection will always be “safelisted“.




Verified collection items will also display a blue checkmark when browsing the marketplace.


Improving Discoverability

Success is possible for projects of all shapes and sizes regardless of verification status.

Below are some tips for launching a successful project on OpenSea:

  • Original content is key. Avoid using celebrity photos and art you didn’t create, or image-filtered remixes of existing collections from other creators.
  • Promote yourself and your collection on social networks. We’re always on the lookout for great work to highlight, so tag us on all channels and we’ll re-share when possible.
  • Start with a small number of items and price fairly.
  • Add all your social media links, a detailed description, and a banner.
  • If you’re running auctions, start them at 0 ETH and set a reserve price if necessary.

Improving discoverability across the platform and finding ways to champion great work at all levels of the creative world is key to our vision. If you have ideas for how we can do that, or you just want to surround yourself with like-minded creators and collectors, join us on Discord.