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How do I create an NFT?

By August 17, 2021No Comments

Setting up your NFT collection and creating NFTs on OpenSea is easy! This guide explains how to set up your first collection, add NFT items and customize your collection.

Setting up your first NFT collection

From, go to your profile icon and select My Collections.



Select Create a Collection to begin a new collection.

Once you have multiple collections, they will be viewable here as well.


Enter your collection’s namedescription, and upload an image logo.

You are not making NFTs at this point and all these details can be updated later.


Now your collection is created and we can begin adding items, select Add Items to begin. To learn more about accepted NFT file formats and sizes, please read this article.


To update your banner image, select the pencil icon in the top right. Your banner will look different on different devices, so aim for banner image dimensions around 1400 x 400 and avoid text.


After uploading your NFT files you can also add a category for your collection. This will help with discovery on OpenSea.

It’s important to also add social media links related to your project. These links can be directed towards:
– A personal website.
– Discord
– Twitter
– Instagram
– Medium
– Telegram


After completing these fields, you can also decide on a percentage for secondary fees, also known as royalties. Click here to read more.

Payment tokens can be used to buy and sell your items. The most commonly used are ETH, WETH, DAI and USDC.