Expanding the NFT Marketplace by Curating and Securing Unique Digital Art

At Vaullt, we live and breathe to help artists take what they have poured their heart and soul into and give them and their buyers a better way to secure digital art and its value. NFTs provide an effective means of doing this. Vaullt makes the process easier and more secure.

We patiently observed as block chain and NFT technology rapidly expanded in the digital art marketplace and we are excited at the value added thereby. At the same time, we have worked to make the experience of creating, buying, and selling NFTs easier and, to provide means of protecting the value of what is invested. From our user friendly online platform to our dedicated staff, Vaullt is dedicated to making your NFT experience simple and secure.


Our Story

In 2017 the world witnessed the birth of CryptoKitties. For the first time, the world experienced a decentralized application built on blockchains but targetted towards a mainstream audience.

While CryptoKitties felt like a toy to many, it represented a dramatic shift in how we interact with items in the digital world. While previous digital items lived on company servers, blockchain-native items lived on shared, public blockchains owned by no single party. They could be viewed anywhere, exchanged openly, and truly owned in a way that was never before possible in the digital world.

Fascinated by the movement that was forming, Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah joined early adopter communities in Discord and started talking to users. With the OpenSea beta launch in December 2017, the first open marketplace for any non-fungible asset on the Ethereum blockchain was born.

Today, we’re proud to remain the largest general marketplace for user-owned digital items, supporting multiple blockchains, with the broadest set of categories and the best prices for new emerging asset classes.

As a company, we’re thrilled to be at the center of this growing industry, and will continue to invest in our core infrastructure as we build the most accessible marketplace for buyers, sellers, and creators.

Companies That Back Us

Like all things affiliated to blockchain, security is inevitable when it comes to NFTs. To help with this, Vaullt has a strong backing of companies that possess an uncommon speciality in online and digital security, including for NFTs. Security protocols to digital wallets and other forms of securing and holding cryptocurrencies and digital assets such as NFTs are the primary focus of our partner companies. together, we offer the most secure NFT option.

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