How to Add drywall to the Garage Door

Adding drywall to the garage is reasonably easy. Drywall is primarily made of gypsum with a heavy paper on the two sides. It’s an inexpensive material that can be screwed or nailed down. After adding a drywall to the garage, you can paint it or have wallpaper put onto it. Check our website as We are providing few simple instructions on ways to install a drywall to the garage.

Tools and Instructions

• Drywall saw
• Utility knife
• Keyhole saw
• Measuring tape
• Drill
• Straight edge
• Screw gun
• Chalk line
• Hammer
• Drywall screws
• Dust mask
• Drywall nails
• Taping knife 12-inches long
• Taping knife 6-inches long
• Drywall
• Joint compound
• Drywall tape
• Fine grit sandpaper

Step 1

Finish Necessary Work Before Drywall Installation Begins

Before you can begin installation of drywall in your garage, you must ensure that plumbing, electrical work and insulation that needs to be done is finished.

Step 2

Mark the Wall Studs

For adding drywall to the garage, you must indicate eth location of the wall studs. You can do that easily by placing a mark on the floor and ceiling. Marks in these places will make it very easy to find them when you start installing drywall to the walls.

Step 3

Start the Installation

Now, lay few scrap pieces of drywall on the floor. When you begin drywall installation, always try to start in a corner. Sit the drywall sheet onto the piece of scrap and then butt the drywall firmly in the corner. The opposite end should be on the center of one of the wall studs. You can install the sheets of drywall vertically or horizontally. Many professionals install drywall sheets horizontally to avoid joins along the center of the wall.

Step 4

Attach the Drywall to the Garage

This process is not very heard. First, you need to attach sheet of drywall with the drywall nails or drywall screws in a few places, just to hold it in place. Once that has been done, you can fully attach the sheet of drywall. To accomplish it, you should start in the corner again and press the sheet of drywall hard into the wall studs. Place the nails or screws every 5-6 inches along the studs, and the drywall sheet should be attached to the wall.

Step 5

Finishing the Attachment of Drywall to the Garage

Once you’ve the first sheet it, continue attaching more drywall sheets to the garage around the lower half of the wall and make sure these sheets are tightly butted against the one before. After finishing the lower half of the wall, it’s time to finish the upper half. The same process is to be repeated again. So you should start in the corner and work your ways around the room.

Step 6

Doing the Drywall Joints

Use 6-inch taping knife for applying some joint compound to the joints. Now place drywall tape over this compound and press it onto the compound. Make it as smooth as possible, after removing all the air bubbles. Run the knife on the tape as this will help press the tape deep into the compound. Now cover this tape with more joint compound. Let this compound dry for next few hours. Then you can sand the compound till smooth. This will ensure a smooth finish for paining your drywall in the garage. want to know more about more it, Check our  website