Overlay FX Sepia Effect Old Film Effect Vignette Effect Letterbox Effect Cooling Effect
Overlay a Sepia effect
Overlay an Old film effect
Overlay a Vignette effect
Overlay a Cooling effect
Overlay a Letterbox effect

Using Video FX

One of the features of this showcase is the ability to overlay & combine popular video effects1, such as 'Sepia', Old Film, Letter Box over any of the videos to create your own viewing experience.2 These effects were created using HTML5, CSS3 & Jquery.

Browsers capable of the HTML5 requirements of this site include the latest versions of Safari, Firefox, Chrome & Opera 10.5 Beta.3

  1. Firefox & Opera users will need to play the movie before applying an effect.
  2. A fast processor is required when applying several effects.
  3. Internet Explorer is currently not supported.